Abu Dhabi Ports inaugurates first Port Digital Innovation Lab in the region
Abu Dhabi Ports inaugurates first Port Digital Innovation Lab in the region
February 18, 2018
Abu Dhabi Ports launches blockchain technology for trade community
June 3, 2018


Abu Dhabi Ports and NYU Abu Dhabi partner to foster sustainability and maritime innovation

Abu Dhabi Ports and NYU Abu Dhabi announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to grow sustainability and marine innovation within the maritime industry through a roadmap of high impact initiatives entailing collaborative workshops, studies and exchanges of knowledge.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, General Manager of Maqta Gateway and Chairperson of the Abu Dhabi Ports Research and Development Committee, and Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor at NYU Abu Dhabi. The initiative will serve as a platform to support the development of local technology and explore innovative new methods to facilitate maritime trade.

Under the terms of the agreement, research on subjects of interest to both institutions that provide opportunities for technical, academic and field advancement will be carried out in collaboration. The partners will also explore how the industry is set to evolve over the next decade. Topics established for analysis within the parameters of the MoU include marine sustainability and biology, sea level change, port economy and operational effectiveness, and technological advancements in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and robotics.

“We understand that the future of industry and trade is rooted in the technological advancements and innovation of today. This is why research and development is a core aspect of progress being made at Abu Dhabi Ports. Furthering our commitment to exploring new opportunities in the company, we are delighted to announce our signing with NYU Abu Dhabi. We look forward to a successful collaboration that will serve to take the industry to greater heights,” said Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri.

Antonello Barbaro, Executive Director of Advancement & Philanthropy at NYU Abu Dhabi, who was present at the signing ceremony, said “NYU Abu Dhabi supports the vision of developing global leaders here in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, and forging a new epicentre of innovation; serving both the Middle East and the wider world. This partnership will not only give us the opportunity to advance innovation and open new frontiers, but also help illustrate that by working together we can create a more productive and more connected globe.”