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Life at Maqta Gateway
Driving innovation 

Maqta Gateway models a strong culture of innovation and creativity. We are a fast-paced organisation rooted in technological solutions that positively impact trade, logistics, and industrial sectors.

We are customer-centric and focused on continuously improving our customers journeys and experiences. We encourage a working culture based on merit and skills, and welcome a diversity of professionals from various backgrounds in the workplace. We value fresh ideas and encourage bright young minds to join our team.

Our workspace reflects our values in terms of design aesthetics, with many open spaces inspiring creative thinking and brainstorming. Our work culture supports work-life balance.

At Maqta Gateway , our practices align with international standards across all our operations, enabling our employees to be skilled professionals worldwide in the digital technology and logistics sectors.

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We’re playing a pivotal role in reshaping the world around us with our technological advancements and our dedicated collaborations from logistics to public health. We’re all about achieving excellence, creative thinkers and smart solutions.



A Culture of

Diversity &  Inclusion


Our Emiratisation programme goes hand and hand with the nation’s vision. Maqta Gateway supports Emiratisation and offers several exciting opportunities for Emiratis to join the tech sector. We encourage young Emiratis to take advantage of our training mentorship and employment opportunities so that they can develop successful careers in our varied areas of operation.

Gender Equity
Maqta Gateway is committed to supporting talented men and women to reach their full potential. We provide equal opportunities for everyone and reward those with fresh, thoughtful, and impactful ideas. Maqta truly values the contributions of all our employees.

People of Determination
We encourage and support those with disabilities to be part of our organization. We help guide and enhance the talent and experience of people of determination to support them and enable them to continue developing their skills and be involved in shaping our progress as an organization. Our practices are entirely in line with government initiatives, which we completely support and are dedicated to upholding.

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