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An experienced provider of innovative Digital Technology Services improving the growth and development of ports and logistics communities by the Government of Abu Dhabi and internationally.

Expertise & consulting
Provide supply chain analytics consulting solutions across maritime, trade and logistics sectors, enabling data-driven decision making.
IT advisory
Provide specialised IT advisory services across the ports and logistics sectors.

A business intelligence centre that fosters analysis-based decisions, utilising a dedicated team of data scientists who provide unprecedented industry data insights to organisations across the globe. The maritime industry is rapidly evolving and the need for digital solutions is in demand, as is data analysis services. Digitalisation of supply chain and logistics operations streamlines data collection, business planning and end to end operations in order to create insights and make calculated decisions based on predictable future challenges.

Marsad is an advanced business intelligence solution developed by  Maqta Gateway that provides comprehensive insight into Abu Dhabi Ports Group's top management maritime and supply chain to support the growth of the port.
A propriety custom-built system that uses blockchain technology to track and trace COVID-19 vaccine sourcing, storage, and shipment in real-time. Technically, it facilitates end-to-end coverage of the vaccines supply chain by providing vial and batch serialisation, ensuring accountability and visibility. This innovative solution is developed by Maqta Gateway, a founding partner of the Hope Consortium, to globally distribute COVID-19 vaccines.
Products and Solutions
Enabling a smoother flow of operations
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